Lucid Dream: Mythical Battle

I've been having all sorts of symbolic dreams lately! A few nights ago I dreamt I was in a mythical battle in a tron like dark arena. I was in battle #9. Picture this...

a giant being made of limestone sleeping on his side on top of a long building. It's his turn to battle... he gets up and starts walking towards the arena. As he walks, the sand erodes away and he turns into what looks like a hip hop music artist with a towel, ego and everything.

The battle is over and Kid Icarus dad is next! Kid is a good looking guy with wings and has a rainbow / opal / white aura / glass-like-particle splendor to him. A small harp hanging from his side. A bow in his left hand. He says, "Dad it's your turn." His dad gets up, Kid Icarus notices there's an arrow already shooting towards his dad from the opponent and Kid catches the arrow with his bare hand. Cold, angelic instinct. By the time he looks back at his dad, his dad is already in mid-air raining arrows down at his opponent. Then they call my name...

It's my turn to battle. But I need to escape this place... I had planned it all out. As I was wrestling with my opponent, I hear a short high pitched sound. I think to myself, "No way my buddy sniped my opponent while I was grappling! I thought he would have taken him out at another time." No one notices my opponent was shot. He's just laying on the ground and I'm already running my way out.


image: Nintendo Kid Icarus Uprising



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