Lucid Dream: Fun OBE Food Fight

Just had a mini astral projection. No past life, just pure fun. ^_^

I was laying on my bed on my right side with a pillow in between my knees and I was suuper still for about 30mins. then i start feeling the zooming in my ears. Then after 20 or so mins, my arms and legs feel like they're weightless and floating.

I think about my balcony door and I'm instantly in front of it. i go through it slowly. Then i run around the apt and come in through the front door.

Then I have a dream where I'm in a concert and I'm one of the artists. I'm with the people and we start a food fight. We're throwing popcorn at each other. One of my fans picks me up and takes me to the stage just for the fun of it.

Then I turn into kid spiderman and I'm part of the adjustment bureau and we gotta clean the concert mess up before the news get here.

Totally lost my focus on this one! =P

Image: Michelle Gabel

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