OBE: Stretching Like Gumby :)

I had an astral projection last night! LX` D

I dreamt I got off of my bed and started to walk down the hall... but then I knew I was dreaming because the walls started flickering between blue and purple. I was soo happy but remembered to stay calm so that I didn't wake up. I was then brought to the in-between state. :)

I could hear the disco ball in my room (yes I have a disco ball :) turning but at the same time I could feel the vibrations you normally feel when exiting the body. It's almost as if your bed and your body are shaking when they actually aren't.

So I just let my energy double do whatever it wanted! I kept bathing and enjoying the fuzzy warmth feeling spread all over. My energy arms stretched and waved from side to side. And then I knew I could fly off my bed and into the sky... and so I did!

While in the sky I kept being in that ecstatic feeling. Once I had enough, I gently let my energy body re-enter my physical body... and I found myself in bed lying on my back. It was a nice surprise.

I went back to sleep and dreamt about spiritual beings explaining what's happening with Stan Romanek and the rest of the world. And then I had another dream where I went to the zoo. After I got out, all sorts of furry animals would sneak into my room, my car and everywhere I went. L=` D

image: felipe photons. this is a piece of art I drew just for this post. :)

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