UFO Gazing with Robert Bingham

UFO Gazing with Robert Bingham.jpg

It was a black dot against the clouds. I was able to get a good look at it with my binoculars. *Perfectly* round, with a shine/glow on the bottom even though the sun was overcast on the top. It moved in a perfectly straight line.

Some people thought it was a balloon, but then, maybe by divine purpose, a balloon did show up! At relatively the same distance, on my binoculars I clearly saw it was a metallic heart shaped balloon and rocked from side to side as it moved, clearly because of the wind.

I was a little bummed out because I'm the kind of person that would have loved to have the whole fleet come down and wreak rainbow havoc. But overall, however painful it may have been, I did appreciate that subtle wink from outer space. (^_^;



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