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Water Distiller
Stop buying bottled water! This thing removes fluoride from tap water. It takes 4hrs to distill 1 gallon, but it's totally worth it!! We have two at home. I highly recommend the 2 year $7 care plan if you buy it through Walmart. ^_^* 

4 inch Memory Foam
Best mattress topper ever!! With 4 inches of memory foam you actually don't even need a mattress! Oh man, I sleep so good in this thing.

2 inch Memory Foam
I love this thing so much, I chop it up into rectangles and pad everything with it! =D Our chairs, our couch, my car seats (with car seat covers on top). Memory foam car seats... GREAT for road trips!! =D ^_^*

Nintendo Switch
Oh man, so many hours of fun. Mario Kart, Mario World, Kirby... need I say more?! XD

Laser Stars Projector
Holy smokes this thing is so cool. It projects a blue nebula and green laser dots moving slowly in all sorts of directions. Great for parties and meditations. Here's a video clip.

Settlers of Catan
Best board game ever! The board shuffles with every game. So simple & competitive! I've spent so many all-nighters playing this game. XD ^_^*

Kingston USB Drive
Exactly what I wanted. A simple and elegant USB key chain drive. ^_^

Pet Pee Stain Eliminator
Enzyme based odor cleaner. If you have pets and carpets, this is a must! This is the best thing there is for removing pee stains and pet odors. We tried everything. This worked! ^_^*

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