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Where to buy glass cookware online! 😱

Say goodbye to non-stick coatings, teflons, pfas, chemicals, etc!

But first, here's how to make eggs over easy on a Corning Visions glass skillet:

Here are all the links:



2.5L saucepans




Facebook Marketplace. Search for "visions pot" or "visions skillet" without quotes.


Whatever you do, DO NOT buy the Corning Visions versions with nonstick coatings. I'm not sure why they made a version like this because it defeats the whole purpose. 😂

Finally found my favoritest glass pot on eBay for only $27! 🦌🦌🦌😂 Great for warming up one bowl's worth of food.

We also got a 5L pot for only $44! 😍 Luckily the seller was nearby so we opted for local pickup to save on the shipping.

Bon appétit! 🎉

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