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Dream: Olympic Swimming Team in Spain

I had an AWESOME dream this morning!! I was chick in her early 30s living in Spain. About 5'7, in perfect shape, dark hair shoulder height. And I fell in LOVE with another chick! About my age and height, but she was just a bit larger with curly hazel short hair. We met at night, in the shower... :o

I was joining a swimming team and we had to sleep in the shower somehow standing up (that was awkward or maybe I didn't remember right). But it was love at first sight and we wanted to make out. She wasn't sure if making out in the shower was okay. But it was cool with me. =D

We were the oddballs. And we ALWAYS had each other's back, unconditionally. I remember that the big thing in Spain were fried sweets of any kind! So we went to a busy restaurant, I got a cone cup and put stuff into it. We then ate with some friends (3 guys 1 other girl) and they started to be sarcastic and not cool. So we told them off and we left. =D

This other time, we were practicing... She ran towards the edge of the pool and was about to jump when our coach yelled at her and asked her to go back and get her momentum going from the time she started running, not from the time she was about to jump. But we all new he was just giving us all a hard time. She yelled back at him and threw her towel. Then this other chick on the team started talking smack about my girl and then I start telling her trash and asked her if she wanted to go out, then she looks at me and asks where, and I tell her to therapy because that's the only place she's going. Then my girl and I take off. ^_^

Then there's this whole food party on the cobblestone street. Warm sunny day. Everyone brought their fried sweets for sale. This guy says hi, and we head over there. My girl was a bit jealous, but I was care-free like that. I loved her with all my heart anyways. <3 We went over and started chatting with those guys.

I woke up super happy. Falling in love in a dream is the BEST thing ever! (^_^;

image: if you know where this image comes from please let me know! I couldn't find it again even after doing a google image upload search. Thanks!


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