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Dream: Monk in a Medieval Church

Here's the past-life dream from last night. We were in a medieval looking church...

At first I was just walking around the halls. Eventually, I walk out the back to where all the animals where and I'm just petting all of them. I come back inside the church because the mass / ceremony was about to start...

There was a very clear distinction between the rich and the poor. I was poor but didn't worry about much. I was very easy going. The rich wore very lavish clothes and had a very condescending and acute way of speaking.

For this ceremony for some reason we all sat along the wall. The rich on certain walls and the poor along the bench on another wall. There was one main lady carrying the whole thing out.

Then a few rich people got up and left which meant that the poor folks could move up. I was the first poor person in line and ended up right next to the rich. Somehow this meant that depending on how the ceremony turned out, I might be selected to be the next one who decides what wall to build next.

There was a big commotion. Maybe this meant I could help more poor folks move up the ladder? It was a game changer anyhow. I don't know but the main lady was super upset and ended the ceremony right away so that there wasn't a possibility of that happening.

Next thing I remember was the whole church getting raided by outsiders. Everyone was killed. I managed to sneak up to the church's rooftop and lay there. But they noticed my head moving. Somehow they catapulted three kids with bayonets / spears to where I was.

I motioned to the kids to stay quiet. I'm not sure if the kids were fed up with all the killing but they acted happy and let the people know I was dead too. Then they all left.

Somehow I felt that the lady brought this mishap upon the people. :o


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