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Dream: Ancient Looking Garden

Our friend Peter invited us to a party in his waterfront house near Briarcliff, Seattle, WA. When we arrived at the neighborhood, there were three old white haired ladies who were apparently related to Peter and they all lived in different houses nearby. Everyone is real happy.

I get out of the car to greet them. Everyone jumps back in the car, and I get in the back seat and one of the ladies says, “Well I guess I’m driving!” I didn’t know exactly where the house was. We go through these community gates and one of the ladies says, “I hope they don’t develop all the way to where we are.”

I see two to three story apartment buildings left and right for about a couple blocks when all of a sudden we open up to a beautiful garden. You could see the water in the distance on the left and the right. It looked like an archipelago and the road was very windy.

You could tell people had poured a lot of money into this garden. It was made to look like ancient ruins. There were rocks stacked up on a spot to the left that seemed part of broken wall. Plenty of luscious green grass was covering the majority of the landscape. It wasn’t too tall or too short and a little wild. Nature was growing into the ruins.

On one of the left turns, there was a small parthenon looking ruin on the right with two jackals sitting down with metal braids facing the road one in front of the other laughing with one arm pointing at the road and the other arm up in the air. It was very a striking sight.

As we were nearing the end of the garden and turning right, we come into what seems to be the ruins of an old sandy desert town built with rocks. A black, menacing looking slave with a minimal outfit with metal linings walks directly up to the car and I started worrying a bit. He stares straight at us and strikes a small gong he carries on his left arm and also grumbles. Then he starts walking back into his seat. That was his way of greeting us in.

We’re finally in the large hall of the house and there’s a boring DJ. He doesn’t know what to play anymore and everybody sits back down. I’m trying to hook up my lasers stars projector to make it look awesome when someone comes to and tells me I should tell the DJ about it first. I thought that would a good thing to do to.

His lights weren’t very awesome. I come up to him, show him my projector, he’s all curious and excited about it and turns it on. Seems like the party is starting back up again!


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