Bread and oats are bad for you. Corn is ok.

I was having oats and bread with peanut butter and honey every morning and was just sooo tired after having breakfast. I finally had to figure out why.

Bread has a protein called Gliadin that attaches to the thyroid gland and makes you very tired. The tiredness fro m eating bread peaks the first couple hours and has a lingering effect for 6 months.

I LOVE bread! and cookies and all sorts of flour stuff!! But finally giving it a rest. I switched over to soups or veggies in the morning and I've been fine ever since! I'm a morning person now.

Read all about it here:

Some people believe non-gmo flour is okay since it apparently has the less harmful of version of Gliadin. More information on minute 20 in this video:

image: k9566-1 by USDA

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